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Design of Insomnian shape

Not a bad design, but a beginner.


Congrats to Daus, big 10 woothemes winner.


Comments on: "Design of Insomnian shape" (3)

  1. uniquely creative..

    In music, it seem like minor “tangga nada”
    if someone take a first sight, maybe he/she doesn’t interest at all. Just a usual colorful circles.
    But if we notice for a while, it makes us to notice the picture more and more, and enjoy the design flow.
    It’s not a short-time-enjoyed design, but a-long-time-enjoyed design.

    This picture is great if we put it in waiting room.. Let the clock go faster

  2. Wah, thanks mas.

    Nice circles of colours anyway. Maybe the nuance will be different if you put off the black line on every circles 😉


  3. The last time I made that kind of ‘minor scale’ was in my time of great depression. I’ll make one then.

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