Saya ingin mencapai 70 Kg

Bag from

I delivered stuffs including my laptop bag to my brother in Indonesia 3 days ago and used to carry my laptop with case since then. So now I just bought a bag from online shop yesterday. This is very interesting. The thing isn’t the bag, but the cool idea of the online shop mall.

dikani-logo I thought this is another online shop in Kuwait. Oh no this is not another online shop in Kuwait, this is online mall where we can meet many shops from different sellers. Interesting, agree with another post from Fonzy who found this shop mall interesting too. And there isn’t much up there, it might be launched week ago. But hey! I found a cool Kenneth Colre Reaction laptop bag there.

tampak depantampak depantampak depan

Only 4 shops so far,

  1. Konoozi, Excusite gifts,Antique furniture,home accessories,garments, and unique Konoozi varaiaties
  2. Shop, All items from USA.
  3. newStuff
  4. دكاني, موقع متخصص في بيع أحدث المنتجات وبأفضل الأسعار

Hopefully the number of shops increased so it will be no more harrowing experience when people try to order stuff online from internet. Especially in Kuwait which have so many payment gateway company including KNET, the-biggest-but-not-so-stable payment machine in Kuwait.

Comments on: "Bag from" (3)

  1. hehe.. di korea juga ada bro..

    I am not sure if the website is an e-mall. Or may be lost in translation 😀
    Thx anyway for your sharing

  2. Hohoho…
    This articel remains me about my E-commerce class 😀 .

    E-mall is one example of B2C type.

    Btw, I want to ask something.
    How did you write arabic font in wordpress?

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    I think e-mall is both B2C & B2B,
    because the shop pay to dikani as well

    to type arabic, just switch to arabic input language but first you have to add it to your language input settings

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