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New numbering plan

Starting from 17th of October 2008, all mobile and line numbers in Kuwait will change to 8 digits.

This plan principle is straightforward for the public communication in Kuwait. But as an IT worker, I had been heavily occupied by this new arrangement. *sigh*

declare @tables table([name] varchar(50))
declare @table varchar(50)

— find tables contain dslnumber
insert into @tables
SELECT usr.[name]+‘.’+obj.[name]
FROM sysobjects obj inner join sysusers usr on obj.uid = usr.uid
WHERE IN ( SELECT id FROM syscolumns WHERE name = ‘dslnumber’ ) and obj.type=‘U’ order by obj.[name] asc

SELECT TOP 1 @table = [name] from @tables WHERE [name] > @table order by [name] asc

while @@rowcount>0
  exec(‘exec dslnumber_update @table= ‘+ @table)

  SELECT TOP 1 @table = [name] from @tables WHERE [name] > @table order by [name] asc


Comments on: "New numbering plan" (5)

  1. Dra.. kenapa harus “SELECT TOP 1”?

  2. Hiiss tu yang warna-warni Bahasa Kuwait yak? Ga ngertii

  3. @havban ,

    supaya row yang diambil cuma 1.

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