Saya ingin mencapai 70 Kg

Jika anda sudah berkutat di dunia pemrograman lebih dari 6 tahun (yes, gw belum šŸ˜€ ) , saya mohon dengan amat sangat sekali, berikanlah saya satu pesan terpenting untuk saya bawa dalam perjalanan saya ini.

dari tulisan terbarunya Joe Stagner yang menjawab pertanyaan ini, saya menjadi penasaran. Apa sih pesan para programmer sekaliber mereka untuk developer baru (seperti gw)?

Joe Stagner:

Technical details are just technical details. If you want to build a great career, use technology to solve big BUSINESS problems.

Michael Eaton:

Don’t get stuck in a cube farm. šŸ™‚ Actually, to be serious, I’d tell them to focus on communications and interacting with other people. Programming is easy. Working with others is a bitch. šŸ˜‰

Dave Ward:

Software development is less about coding and more about communication.

Building the greatest mousetrap in the history of mankind is meaningless if the situation calls for a doghouse.

Take every possible opportunity to sharpen your written and verbal communication skills. Do not underestimate their crucial role in your success or failure.

Justin etheredge:

Focus more on application design, this will translate between languages. You may think that the current language you are working in is the be-all end-all of languages, but it isn’t. I have only been programming professionally for a bit over 8 years and I am already on my third language.

Kevin Hazzard:

Teach part time. Whether you do it at work, in the user group community or as an adjunct faculty member at a local college (I do all 3), you’ll find that you learn more, faster by preparing to teach than you could ever learn as a student. Teaching is a fantastic form of mental catharsis. Teaching also helps build your public speaking skills, which translates into greater responsibility and a higher salary as you move forward in your career. Developers who can build cogent arguments and present them to executives often go further and faster in their careers.

Dan masih ada lagi (silakan ikutin sendiri).

Disclaimer: Saya tidak pernah menyatakan bahwa pendapat mereka itu benar ataupun salah. Jika anda punya opini yang berlawanan dengan salah satu pendapat diatas, sah-sah saja.


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