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KamusTip 1.2008.5.20

KamusTip yang saya ceritakan pada postingan sebelumnya, kini telah tersedia di sandbox. Silakan bagi para pengguna firefox untuk mengadakan review. Semoga bisa dinikmati oleh public segera.

KamusTip 1.0 by Anwar Chandra (experimental)

Menerjemahkan ke dalam tooltip.

Not yet rated

Updated May 19, 2008

Long Description

Menerjemahkan kata dalam bahasa inggris ke bahasa Indonesia di dalam tooltip-nya.

Works with:

  • Firefox: 1.5 – 2.0.0.*

Any Suggestions ?

Support for this add-on is provided by the developer at or give a comment here.


Abdul Arfan.

Advanced Details

Version 1.0 — May 19, 2008 — 604 KB


Comments on: "KamusTip 1.2008.5.20" (8)

  1. Cara penggunaan ada 2:

    1. Buka menu ‘Tools’ -> ‘Terjemahkan dalam tooltip’
    2. Klik kotak di statusbar, (tidak ada icon).

  2. sebenarnya idenya sederhana, tapi kalau terus dikembangkan ini bisa jadi membawa manfaat yang besar. ayo support terus konten2 yang mencerdaskan

  3. I think you not need to hurry release “v1.0” for this plugin there several bugs you need to fix

    but this plugin sure will help some people to translate English web page into bahasa

    keep you good job, andra 🙂

  4. #sagia, that’s why there is a sandbox in AMO (
    For addons developers, they just need to put a mark on ‘pre-release’ addons, so users can get a notification about the status.

    Of course you can pick up any number for the ‘release’. But it is just a ‘number’, you can give whatever meaning for it.

    A bug is a bug, it can come from anywhere. ‘feature’ bug, security bug, accessibility bug, you named it. The more you can get help from the testers, the more quick it can be discovered.

    BDWBW: andra, congrats!

  5. @Sagi
    Thanks a lot, Sag. Yes, you’re right about the bugs.

    oops, i forget to mark it as ‘pre-release’.

  6. mampir neh mas, biasa… jalan-jalan cr informasi..

  7. great job!!!
    add-ons yang dr dulu pengen gw buat, cm blm ngerti cara buatnya.. hehe..

    **baru tau kalo kotak di bagian kiri status bar yg tiba2 muncul itu krn add-ons ini, hehe.

  8. @Ocha
    sudah dapat infonya?

    gara2 belum ada icon.

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