Saya ingin mencapai 70 Kg

There are times we dissapointed to Google. r u? try to deepen a specific knowledge in an abnormal way.

As an example:

“what is the answer of this complicated math problems?”
googling -> “(X – Z) * (Z + R) = 1” “(X + Z) * (Z – R) = -1”
result -> 33,800 URLs (UnReLateds)

“does my boyfriend love me?”,
googling -> Romeo Love Rodeo
result: 578,000 URLs (UnReLateds)

“what’s this? white, short, stink! ….. ?”
googling -> white short stink
result: 1,150,000 URLs (UnReLateds)

what’s your suggestion google keyword for above problems?

I think i have a better approach for the problem.. (deepen a specific knowledge in an abnormal way). Now you think that i’m insane. But i’m seriously have it! it’s really simple.

2 giant steps to gain more knowledge.

1st: Add many people to your messenger’s contact everyday!
2nd: ask something through customizable messenger status.

I’ll try it now. asking to 36 messenger’s contact on meebo.
i set my messenger status: “anyone.. please help me about Eclipse..” at 14:22
use please help, it’ll be heart catching (what a pity Andra)
LOOK!! there is a respond from Toto in less than 1 minute!
Toto: “lagipula ngapain lu ngoprek eclipse?”
means .. “What are you doing with eclipse?”
Ask him again : “do you know something about eclipse?”



cause i am sure he knows eclipse.

Toto: “not much”
Toto: “editor yg cukup membantu untuk kembangin j2ee”
means.. “Helpful editor for developing j2ee”

WAIT!! there is another respond from adit194 in less than
[14:29] adit194: lha ?
[14:29] adit194: loe ngoprek eclipse ? -> “are you exploring eclipse now”
[14:30] adit194: btw kemaren gimana progressnya ? -> “by the way, how is your progress?”

the next conversation is our privacy..

Comments on: "Dissapointed to Google ;'(" (6)

  1. ck ck ck .. cuma comment gitu aja bisa langsung masuk blog loe ?


    pake MyEclipse sono, itu J2EE plugin buat eclipse yang lumayan 😛

    tapi ….

    harus ngecrack 😛

  2. anthonysteven said:

    Andra… Bro…

    First of all…. Why do u use my template? 😦 😦 😦

    Well, I do think it is a good idea, just hoping it could be the idea of the century.

    BTW, congratz for something good that happens to you recently.. 🙂

  3. anwarchandra said:

    In total, there were 2 more respond before i set my status available again. yup, they are eclipse user. my theory work accurately.
    Relax.. it’s just an example. I still loving my original Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.
    Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. Hey Hey, i’m also a big fan of Eclipse.
    It is the best free Java editor on earth (unless you have a lot of money to buy the proprietary one).
    How come i didnt see your messenger status then?
    when was it actually? March 27th?

    You’ve added me in your contact list, right?

  5. anwarchandra said:

    yup, but you’re always invisible.
    How come you didnt see my messenger status then?
    You’ve added me in your contact list, right?

  6. […] yang paling maksimal. good job, everybody!! yang penting saya sudah berusaha keras, walaupun kekecewaan saya terhadap mesin pencari artikel saat ini belum dapat […]

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